Our Story

BeeLuv Cosmetics

BeeLuv is a brand created out of love for nature and everything it gives us. The combination of amazing kinds of butter and the finest oils gives such texture that wins hearts. We believe that all the best comes from nature and it is quite enough to keep our skin, hair, body healthy and nourished. Our recipes, packaging, and design tell a simple, beautiful and positive story. Welcome to BeeLuv fairy tale 🌸🐝  🐝

Our Founder

Belma Šapčanin

In her twenties, she discovered the magic of natural cosmetics and since then she has begun to explore all the benefits that nature provides us. She made products for body, face and hair for herself and then for family and friends. This is how a small business was created, whose handmade products won the hearts of many people.

Inspiraciju pronalazi u prirodi, ljudima i životinjama. Nada se da će kroz BeeLuv jednog dana pokrenuti projekat “BeeGood” za one kojima je pomoć potrebna.